Travel hacks and esim card

March 25, 2024

Occasionally, when planning a trip, we overlook some important details that could be helpful during our journey.

It can be especially challenging for beginners at first, as they don’t have any experience, which is vitally important when it comes to traveling. Some people prefer to plan their adventures in advance, others enjoy going on a spontaneous trip.

We’ve collected the most useful traveling hacks for both experienced and beginner travelers.

By the way, the international travel esim by eSimPlus is definitely one of them. Check out the plans to make phone calls, send messages and use the internet wherever you are. 

Make a list

Everyone might have faced the situation when you noticed you had left something important at home being on the way.

That’s why making actual lists can actually be useful. Write the list of the essentials you need in your trip.

For example, passports, documents, credit cards, etc. 

Make copies of your documents

Make copies of your passport and visa in advance or take a photo of the documents on your smartphone.

These copies may be useful to you on your trip. It is better to leave the original documents in the safe of the hotel or hostel for the entire duration of the trip. 

Recovering documents abroad is both time- and money- consuming process, you should avoid by all means. 

Buy single passes 

In many countries and cities, you can purchase a special plastic traveler’s card, which allows you to use public transportation without any restrictions, visit the main attractions and museums free of charge, and also provides discounts in many cafés and restaurants.

These cards are usually available for purchase at the airport or printing kiosks.

Take a USB charger

Take a compact USB charger with you, preferably a multifunctional one.

It is very useful for keeping all your devices charged together, avoiding confusion with cords. In addition, it will be more difficult for you to forget things when they are all charged in one place.

Take a scarf

This may sound a bit weird, but experienced travelers know for sure how useful a regular warm piece of cloth can be. 

Whether you’re going to the desert or to the equator, a scarf is an original and versatile accessory that can come in handy.

A scarf can help you in a variety of situations.

Use it to cover your head from the sun, like a blanket on an airplane, or to cover your shoulders while visiting churches.

Hide your cash

This piece of advice is even weirder that the previous one.

Fold a $50 bill into a triangle and put it into the space between the sole and the foot. If your wallet gets stolen, you’ll still have enough money to get back to your hotel and get help.

This is one of the greatest ways to ensure that your cash is safe, no matter where you go. 

Split your money up into several parts

Never carry all your money and credit cards with you. If something bad happens, and you lose your wallet or bag somehow, you will not be left without any money. Hotels usually provide their guests with safety deposit boxes.

If you don’t trust them, you can still find a secure place to hide your emergency funds and cards in your room. 

Well, all in all, the main thing about any trip is to enjoy it.

Don’t be scared of unexpected events which don’t fit your plans. It’s perfectly normal. Just try to prepare well and do everything depending on you to make your trip a great experience. 

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