TikTok Star Brian Chira Dead After Hit and Run

March 16, 2024

Controversial TikToker Brian Chira has been confirmed dead after an apparent hit and run.

The internet celebrity reportedly died in a road accident at Karuri in Kiambu county. His body was collected by police and taken to city mortuary on Saturday morning, where friends later positively identified him.

According to reports, Chira had a massive hit on the head, which resulted to his death.

Police say that the TikToker had just been forced out of a bar in Gacharage after causing a commotion. He would soon be hit by a car, although it is unclear under what circumstances.

Chira was famous on social media for his openly gay persona, which he made a caricature out of. His unexpected demise has been received with shock from friends and fans.

Fellow TikToker Tizian ‘Savage’, who regularly appeared in videos with Chira, confirmed the death after visiting City Mortuary.

Here’s that clip.

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