KFCB Issues Demand Letter to Musicians Embarambamba and Getumbe

March 1, 2024

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has flagged musicians Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe over their latest releases, deeming them unsuitable for public consumption, particularly among children.

Chris Embarambamba’s song, “Niko Uchi,” has ignited controversy due to its purported gospel theme, which the KFCB argues mocks the Christian religion.

Additionally, the song allegedly includes nudity, and vulgarity, and promotes violent and imitable behaviors, raising concerns about its potential impact on impressionable audiences, especially minors.

Similarly, William Getumbe’s track, “Yesu Ninyandue,” has faced criticism for its blasphemous nature and potential to offend religious sensitivities.

KFCB has banned both songs while threatening legal action against the musicians.

On Wednesday, KFCB Acting CEO Nelly Muluka issued a statement identifying Embarambamba and Getumbe’s works as violating the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya. This legislation mandates the examination and approval of all content before public distribution or exhibition.

“The song titled: ‘Niko Uchi’, which is purported gospel invites ridicule to the Christian religion, also contains nudity, vulgarity. It has further been noted that some of the artist’s dancing styles are violent and others present imitable behaviour, which if copied by children/minors, can be dangerous and disastrous,” Muluka said.

KFCB has sent demand letters to Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe, instructing them to remove any inappropriate content from their respective platforms. Non-compliance with these directives may lead to legal repercussions, as outlined by the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222.

Additionally, the KFCB has contacted relevant media platforms, directing them to take down the tracks.

The board at the same time highlighted religious performances by a Bishop known as ‘Johanna,’ accusing him of using his religious influence to “mislead the public through indecent exposure performances with sexual innuendos” among other concerns.

Simultaneously, the KFCB CEO asserts that the board maintains its vigilance in enforcing compliance with established regulations. The goal is to promote responsible content creation within the Kenyan creative industry.

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