Govt Unveils Measures to Enhance Security for Airbnbs, Residential Apartments

March 14, 2024

The government has announced plans to implement new measures aimed at securing residential apartments, lodgings, and Airbnb rentals following a cabinet meeting chaired by President William Ruto on Wednesday.

The cabinet has mandated that short-term stay houses must have Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed in all common areas.

Additionally, the management of such facilities is required to ensure the storage of CCTV camera records, which can be retrieved as needed. They must also maintain an updated register documenting the verified identity of individuals entering and exiting the premises, supported by proper identification documents.

The documentation should include the time of entry and exit from the premises.

The Cabinet has also instructed that the management of short-term stay houses must keep an up-to-date and precise log of all vehicles, rickshaws, and motorcycles entering or departing from the premises.

Furthermore, they are required to ensure that the premises are safeguarded by a properly registered private security service provider.

Additionally, the Cabinet has agreed that residential apartments, lodgings, and Airbnb rentals should maintain a security occurrence book to record daily significant incidents and notable events related to the safety and security of residents, guests, and service providers.

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