PHOTOS: KWS Save Hippo Trapped by Poachers in Nakuru, Transfer 74 Impalas from Naivasha to Laikipia

March 14, 2024

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers had a busy week this week, carrying out two successful operations in Nakuru and Naivasha.

In Nakuru, KWS reported on Monday, March 11 that they had rescued a hippopotamus that had been trapped by poachers. KWS rangers and a team of veterinary officers attended to the distressed hippo that had been snared by its left front leg in Olosuswa Conservancy, Nakuru County.

The team successfully removed the snare and later safely released the hippo back into its natural habitat.

“The importance of this rescue operation extends beyond the individual hippo. It serves as a potent reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by wildlife in their struggle for survival. The public is advised that wildlife snaring is illegal and detrimental to our precious ecosystems. Let’s come together to protect and preserve Kenya’s rich wildlife heritage for posterity,” KWS implored.

The Wildlife Service emphasized, “To report any wildlife incidences, please call us through our toll free number 0800 597 000 or WhatsApp 0726 610509 for immediate intervention.”

Impala Translocation

Then in Naivasha on Wednesday, another team of KWS rangers transferred a herd of 74 impalas from the Olmogi farm of Kenya Unit to Tundra Conservancy in Laikipia.

Olmogi’s farm motivation behind this translocation stems from their desire to focus fully on dairy farming.

The KWS team added that the necessary precautions were followed to ensure no animal was harmed during the translocation.

The process was aimed at ensuring the welfare of the impalas.

“Tundra Conservancy is an ideal sanctuary for the impalas, boasting ample space, rich vegetation and protected environment providing sustainable conditions for their conservation and well-being,” KWS noted.

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