Fancy Fingers Enlists Africa’s Top Female Singers for New Album, ‘Love Language’

March 25, 2024

Singer and music producer Fancy Fingers, of Sauti Sol music group, has released his third solo project titled ‘Love Language.’

This project represents Fancy Fingers’s love language and serves as an ode to women and female artists.

He states, “Love is something we all relate to because we have all experienced it in some way or another. I hope that this album will uplift everyone who listens to it.”

The album features 12 collaborations with some of Africa’s biggest female singers.

They include Karun, Lisa Oduor-Noah, Femi One, Xenia Manasseh, and Njerae from Kenya; Simmy and Rapsy from South Africa; Frya and Tamy Moyo from Zimbabwe; Azawi from Uganda; Dunnie from Nigeria; and Bananas Overdose, a Somalian-Ethiopian singer.

Fancy Fingers mentioned that ‘Love Language’ is dedicated to amplifying female voices and talent.

“There are many instances in the industry when women in music are often sidelined. I wanted to take this moment to give them their flowers and spotlight them. Not enough female artists are breaking through as they should, and with this album, I want to give them a chance to truly be seen,” he explained.

Fancy Fingers, renowned for his multifaceted role as Sauti Sol’s lead guitarist, producer, and performers, showcases his prowess as a masterful composer and singer in ‘Love Language,’ presenting his most artistic expression to date.

He has single-handedly written, composed, mixed, and mastered all the songs in the album, with the expert co-writing of his collaborators.

‘Love Language’ transcends borders, uniting talented artists from across the African continent. Each of the album’s 12 tracks serves as a radiant celebration of diversity, culture, and sisterhood. From soulful rhythms to vibrant melodies, ‘Love Language’ intricately weaves together a tapestry of love and empowerment.

The album offers a sonic adventure through smooth, groovy, and funky tracks that tug at your heartstrings. Themed around love, Fancy Fingers emphasizes, “It is impossible to tell the story of love without hearing the female perspective.”

Addressing the seemingly endless cycle of love, the album delves into various aspects of this universal theme.

From love songs like “Love Language” with Dunnie, “Nyathii Dala” with Lisa Oduor-Noah, “My Fave” with Tamy Moyo to sensual songs like “Mechi” with Femi One and “Show Me Love” with Simmy; breakup songs like “Far Away” with Azawi, “Ego” with Bananas Overdose, “Be My Lover” with Frya to songs about longing to rekindle love like “It’s You” with Njerae–prepare to be enchanted by the harmony, heart, and soul of how Fancy Fingers unites and collaborates with Africa’s leading female singers to bring one of the best albums.

In 2021, Fancy Fingers released his debut solo album ‘Father Studies,’ reflecting on the life and times of an African father from different viewpoints. Following that, in 2022, he unveiled an Afro Lo-Fi instrumental album titled ‘Potluck.’

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