Diaspora Kenyans Encouraged to Reinvest in Their Homeland

March 11, 2024

The government, through the Director of the Liaison & Partnerships Division at the State Department of Diaspora Affairs, Ann Wanjohi, urged Kenyans living in the Diaspora to invest more at home and seek additional job opportunities for fellow Kenyans abroad.

Ann Wanjohi made this call during a Diaspora Forum and cultural event in Dar Es Salaam, emphasizing that such efforts would lead to their financial empowerment.

She encouraged them to proactively create investment vehicles that would contribute to their financial empowerment, emphasizing the importance of building networks to foster a sense of belonging and solidarity.

“I urge you to create investment vehicles that will help you to financially empower yourselves. By building these networks, you create a sense of belonging and solidarity,” she said.

Wanjohi also emphasized the need for Kenyans abroad to engage in skills and technology transfer while actively opening up trade routes for Kenyan goods and services in their host countries.

Recognizing the significant attendance of Kenyans residing in Tanzania at the event, the Diaspora department affirmed that establishing connections with various state and non-state entities would establish frameworks and systems to assist the diaspora in leveraging their considerable potential for Kenya’s socio-economic development.

At the event themed ‘Forging Networks and Harnessing the Full Potential of the Kenya Diaspora in Tanzania,’ which drew hundreds of participants, including government officials and private sector representatives, the State Department of Diaspora Affairs noted it provided Kenyans living in Tanzania with an opportunity to engage with one another.

“Participants shared their challenges and success stories, all while experiencing the rich Kenyan culture away from home.” the State Dept added.

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