American TV Star Narrates Safari Accident in Tanzania, 9 Hour Surgery in Nairobi.. Praises Aga Khan Staff

March 15, 2024

An American actress, has narrated her harrowing experience at a Safari vacation in Tanzania.

Jennifer Lewis, famous for her role in hit TV sitcom Black-ish recounted her experience in late 2022, while she was vacationing at a national park in Tanzania.

She opened up during an interview with TMZ, explaining why she has been absent from the public for close to 2 years.

Lewis, who has also starred in movies and TV shows like Sister Act, and The Fresh Prince of Belair, narrated her near death experience, revealing that she fell down 10 feet from her resort balcony.

The actress walked out on a deck with no railings, in the dead of night, and ended up taking the fall. She ended up breaking her acetabulum – the socket that holds the femur.

She could not move, and her biggest worry at the time was getting attacked by lions or other wild animals roaming the area.

Her screams woke up her travelling partner, and she got help from some Maasai rangers in the reserve. “The last thing I heard before I passed out was a lion roar,” she recounted.

Following the fall, Lewis was airlifted from Tanzania all the way to the Nairobi and admitted at the Aga Khan University Hospital. She had a 9 hour surgery and admitted at the ICU for several days.

Lewis had some nice things to say about the Aga Khan staff.

“The people in Nairobi took such good care of me.. I was in pampers okay. They picked me up like I was a baby. They had to wash me, I could not move.. I wanna thank the people of Nairobi. The Aga Khan University (Hospital).. They braided my hair, they gave me an extra piece of chicken..”

The actress is now recovering well, and after months of physical therapy, she is close to making a full recovery.

In a tweet, Lewis further thanked TMZ for honouring her request back in 2022 not to make public reports of her injury.

Back in early December 2022 @TMZLive honored my request that no reports of my injury be known to the public. Thank you for respecting me and my family. Thank you to everyone for your love and support. My message to everyone “No matter how, when or where you fall “GET UP”!!!!!!!”

Check out that interview.

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