Zari: “I Don’t Know What it Takes to Have a Successful Relationship”

February 21, 2024

South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan says she is ill-equipped to offer advice on love as she has experienced multiple failed relationships.

In a recent quick-fire interview, the reality TV star candidly admitted that she does not know what it takes to be in a successful relationship.

“I’m the last person who can advise anyone on secrets to a successful relationship. I don’t have any. I don’t know what it takes to be or have a successful relationship,” she said.

“I would be lying to say I do, I mean, I have been in too many relationships. But hey if you are in a relationship, I would say enjoy it while it lasts,” she added.

100 Men

Zari also discussed the numerous men she has been rumored to have dated, revealing that she has been linked with at least 100 men.

“I have heard so many rumours about me that sometimes I even wonder if they are really speaking about me. It’s been said that I am dating men I have never been with just because I was seen with them somewhere. The list goes up to 100 men, but whenever I look at it most of those men are my relatives,” she said.

The mother of five also spared some words of advice for young girls, telling them to always be authentic.

“My advice to young girls is to always be authentic. If you have a shamba, go and farm it and share the experience with us. We will love you for being authentic. Be yourself. You don’t need a Gucci bag to be on Instagram or TikTok. I am very authentic. I just do me no matter what people say,” Zari said.

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