Waiguru Introduces Mental Health Program to Address Escalating Suicide Cases

February 1, 2024

Governor Anne Waiguru has implemented a mental health program in all medical facilities in Kirinyaga county to tackle the increasing cases of suicide.

Waiguru identified mental health as a significant nationwide issue that requires resolution to prevent unnecessary deaths. The governor attributed the rising cases of suicide among men in Kirinyaga to mental health challenges stemming from depression and family pressures.

During the burial ceremony of Wasafi Bodaboda Chairman Isaac Njagi alias Muthii in Ndindiruku area of Mwea constituency, Waiguru expressed concern about a disturbing trend of suicide cases among men in the county.

Waiguru stated that the mental health program involves training and deploying counselors in all medical facilities.

“The counsellors will provide guidance, support, and advice to individuals, couples, families, or groups facing personal, social, or psychological issues,” she said.

Waiguru emphasized that the increase in mental health problems underscores the necessity for qualified professionals to assist victims in overcoming these mental issues.

The governor urged people to manage their expectations and alleviate unnecessary pressures in life to avoid becoming victims of mental health challenges.

“I want to ask youth, especially young men to speak out when you have an issue, let us join social groups, and engage in sports activities. They help you relieve the pressures and get guidance,” Waiguru added.

The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes the majority of suicide cases to factors such as joblessness, academic failures or pressures, legal difficulties, and financial constraints. Other contributing factors include bullying, alcoholism, substance misuse, depression, and bipolar disorder.

WHO has ranked suicide among the top 20 leading causes of death worldwide, with Kenya positioned at 114 among the 175 countries with the highest suicide cases.

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