Support Men to Curb Rising Incidents of Suicide and Drug Abuse, Kenyans Urged

February 19, 2024

Nyandarua County Woman Rep Faith Gitau urged Kenyans to provide moral and emotional support to men amidst a surge in mental health cases that have significantly impacted them.

Gitau made the rallying call on Saturday during a meeting that brought together over 500 men from Simbara Village, Sobara Sub-location, Ndaragwa Constituency.

The MP expressed regret that mental health issues among both young and older men had been overlooked, with many enduring their struggles in silence. She noted that the current situation had compelled men to relinquish their roles, resulting in existing gaps within many families.

“It has been established that many families where men were initially addicts and are now in the process of recovering undergo numerous challenges and stigma which negatively impact their fatherhood role triggering an emotional breakdown,” she said.

Gitau underscored the family as the fundamental unit of society, emphasizing that men should serve as role models to inspire young men and future generations.

She noted that in many households, the absence of a father was evident, having a profound impact on the boychild, especially in Central Kenya, leading them to adopt destructive habits such as crime, drug abuse, and alcoholism.

Dr. Susan, a mental health specialist and lecturer at Kenya Methodist University, echoed similar sentiments, lamenting broken marriages as a contributing factor to the rising number of single mothers.

Consequently, they challenged the government to initiate awareness campaigns nationwide aimed at safeguarding the male population from mental disorders, including stress, depression, and emotional problems.

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