Raila is Now Above Local Politics, says Kalonzo

February 19, 2024

Kalonzo Musyoka has insisted that the Azimio Coalition will continue its mission even in the absence of opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The Wiper Party leader assured that there would be no void in the opposition leadership as Odinga prepares to launch his bid for the chairmanship of the African Union Commission.

“Raila is aspiring for a higher position, and our prayers are with him for a successful endeavor. Our focus is on the well-being of Kenya, transcending affiliations with Kenya Kwanza or Azimio la Umoja, because Raila is now above local politics.”

Kalonzo further assured, “I want to affirm that within Azimio la Umoja, our solidarity remains unbroken. Just two days after Raila declared his candidacy, we convened and unanimously agreed that, as Azimio, we are committed to standing resolute and safeguarding the rights of Kenya.”

The former Vice President was speaking at Kenyatta Market in Nairobi’s Lang’ata constituency shortly after attending a service at Nairobi Baptist Church.

Musyoka stated that the gathering of Azimio luminaries after Raila Odinga declared his bid was a symbol of unity. He emphasized that there should be no apprehension regarding the disintegration of opposition politics in the absence of Odinga.

“I want to assure you that there is no gap and what has happened to our brother Raila Odinga is something we are proud of and we will campaign because he is now beyond party politics,” said the Wiper leader.

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