PHOTOS – Kenyans Swallow Their Words as Kiptum’s House Turn Out Amazing

February 23, 2024

Marathoner Kelvin Kiptum is being laid to rest today.

As had been promised by the government, a house was built for his family in record time, less than a week. This was believed to be in readiness for his funeral, which is to be attended by the Head of State William Ruto.

To accomplish this task, the contractor could not build it the way Kenyans traditionally do it. There was no time for the concrete to cure, among other item lists.

To ensure the timeline was met, the house was built using the light steel gauge frames, a technology quite common in the US and other developed markets.

Ignorant Kenyans, unfamiliar this building method, were quick to rubbish the house during its construction stage, calling it a ‘kibanda’ or ‘hardware’.

Now that the house is complete, it does look a lot better than many expected, and lets just say words have been swallowed. The house has also been fully furnished.

Check it out.

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