KeNHA and County Collaborate to Redesign Killer Nithi Bridge

February 22, 2024

In collaboration with the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA), the Tharaka Nithi County government is preparing to redesign the notorious Nithi Bridge.

Deputy Governor Nyaga Muisrael announced at the Governor’s office in Chuka that consultative talks with KeNHA have commenced to find a lasting solution to the “black spot” bridge which has claimed many lives along the Meru-Nairobi highway.

“We need to find a lasting solution to the Nithi Bridge, which has claimed many lives and continues to pose a threat to motorists,” he said.

KeNHA Representative Njiru Njue, a land valuer, reported that consultative engagements with the county government have taken place to redesign the bridge and mitigate road accidents.

CECM Road Engineer Giti Kijiru highlighted that the bridge, constructed in a highly mountainous area with steep vertical and horizontal curves, poses safety risks for motorists.

Stressing the need for redesigning as a lasting solution, Kijiru explained that drivers at high speeds find it challenging to navigate the sharp bend, leading to many vehicles plunging into the river.

“We have engaged with KeNHA stakeholders to seek a solution to the long-standing carnage on the Nithi Bridge,” the Engineer said.

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