Government to Acquire Tourist Police Vehicles and Beach Cleaning Trucks

February 5, 2024

The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife has announced plans to purchase tourist police vehicles and beach cleaning trucks to enhance the appeal of the Coastal region to more tourists.

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua stated that the Tourism Fund will be utilized to invest in the sector.

CS Mutua as addressing the public in Malindi during a public participation exercise aimed at formulating tourism recovery strategies, bringing together stakeholders from Kilifi County.

Key issues that the tourism sector wanted to implement swiftly included the expansion of Malindi International Airport, infrastructure development, improvement in security, beach cleaning, and upgrading the lighting system, among others.

The Cabinet Secretary allowed stakeholders to contribute to the key issues they want the Government to implement. These contributions will be outlined and a report generated as early as next week, facilitating the allocation of funds.

In his address following the consideration of proposals, Mutua acknowledged the concerns regarding the expansion of Malindi International Airport. He also mentioned the idea of developing a masterplan for tourism promotion and establishing a second port in Takaungu, Kilifi County, to attract cruise ships.

“I will go and Visit that Takaungu and see how far it is from here because we can get ships docking from there and also looking at the airport we have plans for this airport people have talked about it for so long I do not want to talk about it until I know for sure because if I talk it will be done,” he said.

Regarding marketing, CS Mutua mentioned that his Ministry is currently touring all 47 counties to identify new tourism circuits, after which they will devise a new marketing approach.

He expressed the intention to adopt a more aggressive tourism strategy targeting the African continent, citing significant potential compared to the foreign market, where indications suggest more money is already being generated.

The Cabinet Secretary emphasized the necessity of formulating a strategy to develop Mambrui dunes to attract tourists who are willing to spend substantial amounts of money, similar to those who travel to Dubai.

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