Ruto Needs Your Support to Turn Kenya Around, Mudavadi to Kenyans

February 5, 2024

The government is actively pursuing strategic, comprehensive, and deliberate efforts to ensure the economy returns to positive growth, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has said.

The PCS reiterated that Kenyans should support President William Ruto to enable the country to achieve economic prosperity.

Mudavadi affirmed that the government pragmatically engages in foreign diplomacy, emphasizing the goal of restoring Kenya’s international reputation and subsequently facilitating smoother negotiations for business and investment.

The economic partnerships and agreements we are signing with most of the countries are aimed at ensuring we create ready market for our exports once we achieve stable production levels,” said Mudavadi.

“When the President sends his foot soldiers in foreign countries he is aiming at ensuring we get avenues for jobs and trade for our people. We want in the near future to see Kenya exporting even sugar from our Mumias and Nzoia companies to China, the Gulf nations among other key partners we are engaging,” he added.

Kenya’s Agricultural Potential

Mudavadi noted that the President has recognized Kenya’s substantial agricultural potential and urged Western Kenya to follow the example of counterparts in other regions by embracing agriculture.

He mentioned that President Ruto has actively worked to rebuild Kenya’s confidence in developed countries, and positive developments are anticipated soon in terms of expanded markets for Kenya’s exports abroad.

“In Africa, Kenya is now at the forefront in terms of negotiating with countries that will help us get out of the economic quagmire that has made our youth lack jobs. What we need to focus on is production and value addition since the public debt menace will soon be a thing of the past,” Mudavadi said.

The PCS was speaking in Shieywe Ward, Lurambi Constituency in Kakamega County, where he joined the President and other leaders in a thanksgiving and prayer service.

He highlighted that President Ruto has shown significant confidence in the people of Western Kenya, evident in recent key government appointments from the region.

Mudavadi assured that Ruto has the best interests of the people of Western Kenya and the entire country in mind.

“The President has appointed the Commissioner General for Kenya Revenue Authority, from Western Kenya. Further the Director of Public Prosecutions is the son of the soil. This shows he believes in us and we need to show him through our leadership that we fully support his administration,” said Mudavadi.

“We now have the ambassadors to Tokyo-Japan, Angola and DRC from our region, appointed by the President. This is a sign of good fortunes for our Western Kenya region.”

Warning to Azimio Over Judiciary Affairs

Mudavadi at the same time criticized the Azimio coalition for censuring the President regarding his stance on the Judiciary, stating that they should refrain from meddling in the affairs of the Judiciary, particularly the independence of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

He deemed the contradictions propagated by Azimio, aimed at undermining the independence of the Judiciary in its decision-making process, as unacceptable.

“Let azimio remove the log that is in their eye before criticising the position of the government on Judiciary since the President means well for all arms of government and he is ready to enhance the synergy between all arms of government for effective service delivery to the citizens.” Mudavadi said.

Adding: “The Judicial Service Commission is independent, and it has the right to recruit anybody who qualifies to be a judge of this republic. So it’s wrong for the Azimio leadership to start determining who should the JSC recruit. Kama ni Chebukati ama nani, if he puts his bid for the position of a judge, that is the responsibility of the JSC, not the responsibility of politicians to try and direct JSC.”

Mudavadi also praised the legislators from Kakamega and Western Kenya for coming together towards a common goal that will ensure the region benefits from the distribution of national resources and the development agenda.

“Together we are getting out of the hangover of divisions as the leadership in Western Kenya and this is the only way we will help our region grow and our people to benefit.”

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