Automatic Play in Aviatrix Gambling Game: Is it Worth Using?

February 23, 2024

Aviatrix, the NFT-powered crash game, takes you on a thrilling flight where your plane soars higher with each passing second, and the potential rewards climb ever higher.

But what if you could automate the climb, letting the game handle the decisions while you reap the rewards?

Well, that’s where Automatic Play comes in, a feature designed to streamline your experience and potentially boost your winnings.

However, before you set your plane on autopilot at, let’s help you decide if this feature is one worth using when you play Aviatrix.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into automation, let’s establish the ground rules.

Aviatrix presents a plane ascending on a graph, its altitude representing a rising multiplier. Players aim to cash out before the plane crashes, netting their bet multiplied by the achieved altitude.

Automatic play utilizes pre-defined strategies encoded within “bots” to automate cashout decisions based on various parameters.

Automatic play, also known as “auto bet” or “autospin,” is a feature present in many online games, including Aviatrix.

Many players love this feature due to its perceived convenience and potential for profit. Players set parameters and let the program place bets according to those rules, seemingly removing the need for constant manual interaction.

Things to Know About Automation in Aviatrix

Automatic play in Aviatrix opens a door to a world of possibilities, but this feature requires understanding the tools at your disposal. T

here are certain automation toolboxes, as we would like to call it, that players employ when using this feature. 

Let’s break down different strategies, their nuances, and vital tips that you can use. 

Profit Target

This straightforward strategy tells your bot to cash out when the multiplier reaches a preset value.

It’s ideal for conservative players seeking consistent small wins and minimizing risk. However, it limits potential for high payouts in extended climbs.

Martingale Strategy

This high-risk, high-reward approach doubles your bet after each loss, aiming to recoup losses with a single win.

While thrilling, it can lead to catastrophic losses during prolonged crash streaks. Use it cautiously and with strict bankroll management.

Fibonacci Sequence

A more controlled progression compared to Martingale, this strategy increases bets gradually after losses, following the Fibonacci sequence.

It offers better risk management but still carries inherent volatility and shouldn’t be considered a guaranteed win method.

Custom Strategies

The playground for advanced players, custom strategies allow you to define complex cashout rules based on technical indicators (like moving averages) or personal preferences.

However, creating effective custom strategies requires deep game understanding and coding knowledge.

Proceed with caution and thorough testing.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

As we’ve mentioned earlier, using automatic play in Aviatrix is no doubt pretty appealing.

It promises hands-free soaring through the virtual skies, potentially racking up profits while you relax or focus on other tasks. But while automatic play offers convenience and the potential for consistent profits, it’s essential to approach it with caution and a healthy dose of realism.

So, before you engage autopilot, let’s look into the pros and cons to determine if it’s truly worth the wingsuit ride:


  •   *  Convenience: Who doesn’t love a good set-and-forget strategy? Automatic play frees you from the constant decision-making fatigue, allowing you to multitask or simply take a break.
  •   *  Discipline: Bots can enforce pre-defined cashout rules, preventing impulsive decisions fueled by emotions like fear or greed. This can lead to more disciplined and consistent gameplay.
  •   *  Backtesting & Optimization: Bots allow you to backtest different strategies in demo mode, optimizing settings for your risk tolerance and playing style before risking real money.
  •   *  Advanced Strategies: Pre-built bots often offer sophisticated algorithms and risk management features beyond most manual players’ capabilities.


  •   *  Volatility Woes: Aviatrix is inherently volatile. Aggressive bots, especially those employing Martingale strategies, can lead to significant losses during prolonged crash streaks. Remember, the house always has an edge.
  •   *  The Illusion of Control: No strategy guarantees consistent wins, and relying solely on bots can be a dangerous illusion of control. Randomness reigns supreme, and overconfidence can lead to financial pitfalls.
  •   *  Responsible Gaming Risk: Automatic play can lull you into a false sense of security, potentially leading to overspending or neglecting essential bankroll management practices.
  •   *  Limited Adaptability: Bots typically lack the ability to adapt to changing game conditions or personal hunches. They follow their programmed rules, potentially missing out on opportunistic manual cashouts.

Skill & Excitement: Manually piloting the Aviatrix plane offers a unique blend of skill, decision-making, and adrenaline rush.

Automatic play removes this exciting element, potentially diminishing the overall gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the decision of whether automatic play is worth it in Aviatrix depends on your individual preferences and risk tolerance.

If you value convenience, discipline, and the potential benefits of advanced strategies, it might be worth exploring.

However, proceed with extreme caution. Always prioritize responsible gaming practices, understand the inherent risks of volatility and randomness, and never rely solely on bots to make your decisions.

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