Nyako Changes Tune on Deportation Claims: “In Your Dreams!”

January 4, 2024

Rose Atieno alias Nyako, the Kenyan-born TikTok sensation based in Germany, has shifted her stance on the matter of her deportation from the European country.

In a TikTok live session, Nyako previously stated that authorities had scheduled her for deportation. She claimed her utilities had been disconnected as she appealed for help from Kenyans to adopt her three children.

Nimekatiwa stima, nataka mchango. Wamesema next weekend nakua deported so I don’t need stima. Deportation papers zangu ziko tayari so wamenikatia stima, ata maji sina imagine. Deportation papers ziko tayari, sasa sijui nani ata adopt hawa watoto wangu,” Nyako said.

Loosely translated: (“I have been disconnected from electricity, and I’m seeking contributions. They said next weekend I’ll be deported, so I don’t need electricity. My deportation papers are ready, and they have cut off my electricity; I don’t even have water, imagine. The deportation papers are ready, now I don’t know who will adopt my children”)

The reformed former sex worker also mentioned that her children would not be deported with her as they hold German citizenship.

Mkenya mgani atajitolea aishi na watoto wangu, ju mama mtoto akisha deportiwa sasa watoto watabaki na nani yawa? Watoto wangu hawezi rudishwa Kenya coz they have German citizenship,” she said.

(“Which Kenyan will volunteer to live with my children? Because once a mother is deported, who will the children stay with? My children cannot be sent back to Kenya because they have German citizenship”)

Nyako further rebuked those anticipating celebrating her deportation. The content creator sarcastically emphasized that her fans would still support her even if she was deported from Germany.

“Pesa Mtatoa”

Pesa bado naye mtatoa, it doesn’t matter kama nko Kenya. Kwanza nkiwa Kenya ndo best, ndo ntawafinya vizuri. Pesa mtatoa, mchango ahh mchango ehh,” Nyako said.

(You will still contribute money, it doesn’t matter if I am in Kenya. In fact, being in Kenya is the best; that’s when I will squeeze you well. You will still give money..)

Several media outlets picked up Nyako’s TikTok live session, reporting on her “impending deportation.”

However, the controversial TikToker responded to the reports and clarified that she could not be expelled from Germany as she holds a valid residence permit.

“”Ati I am being deported, in your dreams. Guys I am in Germany because of my children. It is because of my children that I am in Germany. My residence permit is because of my kids and nothing can separate me from my children,” she said.

Nyako also asserted that she qualifies to become a German citizen and is in the process of nearing German citizenship.

“Before you rush to deportation, deportation I have qualified to be a German citizen officially so that is my right. Drill it into your head. I have already qualified automatically to be a German citizen,” Nyako said in a TikTok video.

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