University Graduate Reportedly Takes Own Life Following 500 Unsuccessful Job Applications

January 12, 2024

Detectives are probing an incident where a woman reportedly died by suicide due to unsuccessful job searches.

Vera Okoth, 27, was found in the bathroom of her family home in Umiru village on Tuesday, with her certificates placed on her bed.

Her mother said she woke up and realized her daughter was missing from the room. Upon checking the adjacent bathroom, she found her daughter’s body hanging.

According to the police, the deceased, before going to sleep, had asked her mother if she would ever secure a job, having faced repeated rejections from over 500 job applications.

The police mentioned that the motive behind the incident is still unknown, as the deceased did not leave behind any suicide note.

The deceased earned a bachelor’s degree in science from Masinde Muliro University in 2019.

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