PHOTOS: Octopizzo Pays Tribute to Late Father with Ancestral Museum in Siaya

January 9, 2024

Octopizzo, the Kenyan rapper born Henry Ohanga, has unveiled a museum in his village in Siaya County in a homage to his roots and his father’s legacy.

Taking to social media on Monday, the rapper shared the profound purpose behind this initiative, emphasizing its role in commemorating his late father, Onyango Ohanga and preserving his cultural heritage.

Positioned as a symbol of remembrance and a living archive, the ‘Onyango Ohanga’ museum is designed to preserve the rich history of Octopizzo’s family for generations.

In his statement, Octopizzo highlighted the museum as a space where stories resonate and memories endure, aiming to foster a connection with their roots for future generations.

By creating this dynamic space, Octopizzo envisions a cultural repository that not only celebrates his family’s history but also serves as a platform for storytelling and connecting with ancestral roots, ensuring that the narratives and memories endure for his children and great-grandchildren.

The museum showcases the family history, cultural evolution, and a collection of artifacts, including fashion.

“Embarking on a poignant journey, we unveil the ancestral museum honoring the legacy of my father. A tribute to his life, this museum stands as a beacon of remembrance and a living archive, preserving our family’s rich history for generations to come. A place where stories echo and memories breathe, ensuring our children and great-grandchildren connect with their roots,” Octo wrote.

On December 28, Octopizzo and his siblings marked the official opening ceremony. The event held additional sentimental value as it coincided with the 20th anniversary of his parents’ passing.

The museum’s opening occurred four days after Octopizzo celebrated his wedding with his Mexican wife.

Photos of the ‘Onyango Ohanga’ museum


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