NYS Announces Recruitment Requirements for 2024

January 11, 2024

Following tons of inquiries about enlistment criteria for 2024, the National Youth Service (NYS) in Kenya, on Wednesday January 10, announced the qualifications required for young individuals interested in joining.

The NYS recruitment process, set to occur in every sub-county of all 47 counties in Kenya, will be publicly announced through print and electronic media on a date to be announced later.

Key requirements for applicants include Kenyan citizenship by birth, as naturalized citizens are not eligible.

Prospective members should be aged 18-24 years, aligning with the NYS’s mission to transform, train, and empower Kenyan youth.

Academic standards demand a minimum of a D (plain) grade in KCSE or its equivalent in other curriculums.

Candidates must also be in good medical and physical health, verified during the recruitment phase.

Additionally, a clean criminal record is mandatory, evidenced by a certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Other qualifications as specified by the Director General may also apply.

The NYS has put in place an exit strategy to ensure that graduates find employment after completing the program. This is in line with President Ruto’s declarations that NYS graduates will be given priority in Kenya’s disciplined forces, namely police and military recruitment, as well as in bilateral labour agreements that the government has signed with different countries around the world.

The statement from NYS states in part, “Just to mention but a few, 80 per cent transition to other disciplined services, labour export to Europe amongst others.”

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