New Inua-Jamii Applicants Face Extended Wait for Access to State Funding

January 5, 2024

At least 26,000 individuals who applied to join the Inua Jamii scale-up program last year will experience a slight delay before being enrolled to receive the Sh2,000 monthly stipend.

Nyeri County Director of Children’s Services Kung’u Mwaniki states that only those currently recorded in the Government Consolidated Cash Transfer Program Management Information System (CCTPMIS) will receive disbursements for December, as announced by Labor and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore on Wednesday, January 3.

However, Kung’u hastened to add that individuals who applied for consideration in the national social security funding will soon receive notifications once the State completes processing all the applications.

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“It is true that payments for those who are currently captured in our database are now ongoing, as announced yesterday. However, for those who had applied for consideration last year, we are yet to receive notification with regard to the status of their applications. This means they will have to wait until such a time when we get confirmation in regard to the beneficiaries who will be considered for the next phase,” he told reporters.

The government initiated a nationwide registration exercise on September 1 last year to expand the scope of needy individuals receiving state social security support. Initially planned to conclude after two weeks, the exercise was later extended by a fortnight to ensure deserving cases were not overlooked.

The listing aimed to include a total of 500,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and Persons with Severe Disabilities (PWSDs).

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