Ruto Announces New Cash Delivery System for Inua Jamii Beneficiaries

December 13, 2023

Inua Jamii recipients will soon be able to collect their monthly stipends of Sh2,000 from nearby M-Pesa agents, as announced by President William Ruto. He disclosed the ongoing collaboration with Safaricom while addressing the audience at Uhuru Gardens during the Jamhuri Day celebrations on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

“Inua Jamii programme has had challenges with the beneficiaries travelling long distances and spending considerable portions of their stipend on logistics. Working with Safaricom, we have structured a new delivery mechanism for beneficiaries to receive their stipends from MPESA agents in their localities,” President Ruto said.

A section of beneficiaries had requested the government to disburse the funds through mobile phones, citing safety concerns.

In November, the government disbursed Sh2,095,360,000 for the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer Program and an additional Sh6,118,000 for participants in the Nutrition Improvement through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) program.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection announced that payments for beneficiaries already on the payroll would commence on December 4.

“The funds, totaling Sh2,095,360,000, were credited to the accounts of 1,044,621 Inua Jamii beneficiaries, with each recipient receiving Sh2,000 for November,” a section of the statement reads

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