Nairobi Teacher Sets Sights on Guinness World Record with 50-Hour Science Lesson

January 26, 2024

Kenyan teacher Rose Tata Wekesa is on a quest to make history by delivering the longest science class ever.

On February 13, 2024, Wekesa plans to break the record and secure the Guinness World Record for the longest science lesson by an individual.

Ms Wekesa, an educator at St. Austin’s Academy in Lavington, Nairobi intends to teach a science class for a minimum of 50 hours. She said she would teach Biology, Chemistry, and Physics non-stop for at least 50 hours during these attempts.

Tata acknowledged that it won’t be an easy task but expressed determination and enthusiasm about persevering through the challenge.

“I have been working on building my endurance, I have a team behind me that has helped with the lesson plan. The past three days, I stayed awake for 44 hours to train my body to stay awake,” she said as quoted by Citizen Digital.

Tata’s Broader Mission

With approximately 12 years of teaching experience, Tata mentioned that nearly nine of her students aspire to become teachers. Her mission is to inspire the world and promote the teaching profession.

“I decided to do this because as a teacher I do not like how science classes are packed and many students end up not fulfilling their potential. I want to show the doable and interesting side of science. I want to motivate young ones in school who want to become teachers by showing a teacher can achieve greater things beyond the classroom,” the teacher added.

She shared that the idea of imparting knowledge to younger generations continues to motivate her to work harder.

“Teaching is a noble career and teachers should be highly esteemed. I intend to use the platform and the record to reach out to bodies that make policies to do with education and advocate for reforms,” Ms Tata said.

Tata appealed for support from Kenyans and other wellwishers interested in partnering with her.

Guinness World Records has since furnished Wekesa with guidelines for the attempt, specifying a minimum requirement of 10 students present at any given time.

All registered students must be 18 years and above, as the challenge is classified as an endurance test. Wekesa intends to register 30 students for the event, and the entire attempt will be broadcast live on all her social media platforms.

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