KRA Denies Plan to Inspect Home Appliances and Mandatory TV Operating Licenses

January 5, 2024
Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) headquarters, Times Tower, Nairobi.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has denounced a viral online post claiming that the taxman plans to inspect and conduct a census of home appliances in each household.

Anonymous individuals shared the poster featuring the KRA logo, urging all Kenyans who own television sets to ensure they obtain operating licenses.

“Please note that starting 2024, televisions will be required to have operating licenses. TulipeUshuru Tujitegemee,” the post said.

The statement indicated that KRA would dispatch field marshals to every county to inventory all home appliances and initiate assessments aligned with filed tax returns.

But the taxman on Thursday issued a statement, dismissing the reports as fake. KRA further warned Kenyans against being deceived.

“Fake news!! Don’t be a victim of misinformation!” the taxman said.

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