Isaac Mwaura: LSK Determined To Humiliate the Ruto Government

January 11, 2024

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has criticized the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) for their alleged constant opposition to government initiatives.

He expressed frustration during a Citizen TV interview on Thursday, claiming that LSK has a history of obstructing Ruto government’s projects by taking legal action against them.

Mwaura accused the LSK of being particularly obstructive regarding the government’s Affordable Housing project, highlighting a court ruling that halted the Housing Levy collection, a vital aspect of the project.

Mwaura further hinted that LSK is in bed with the opposition, saying that, “Whenever anything happens, LSK, who had shown support for the other political faction, always resists the government. Their work is to always ensure that now that they have defeated us in vote numbers, let us go to court and humiliate them. What is wrong with wanting to give every Kenyan access to good healthcare, decent homes and provide jobs through them.”

He also expressed concerns about corruption within the country’s judicial system, suggesting that it has been compromised by individuals working against government proposals. According to Mwaura, these corrupt elements collaborate to undermine the government’s efforts.

In defense of the government’s Housing plan, Mwaura highlighted its potential benefits for Kenyans living in poverty, stating, “There is no one who has been employed through the Housing project opposes it.”

These remarks follow President William Ruto’s ongoing criticism of the Judiciary.

President Ruto has accused the courts of corruption and vowed to address the issue of dishonorable individuals within the Judiciary. Mwaura’s comments align with the President’s stance, underscoring a broader government initiative to confront and rectify perceived judicial misconduct.

The judiciary is set to rule on the housing levy later this month, a judgment that will potentially be a big blow to Ruto’s flagship project, or the greenlight he requires to roll it out in full force.

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