Dump Rigathi Gachagua if You Want To Win in 2027: Murang’a Senator Tells Ruto

January 18, 2024

Senator Joe Nyutu from Murang’a County has suggested that President William Ruto should consider choosing a new running mate for the 2027 elections.

Speaking on Thursday, Nyutu expressed his desire to see the President dumping Rigathi Gachagua and partnering with a more popular figure for the next general elections.

He highlighted Ndindi Nyoro, the Kiharu MP, as a more appealing choice than the current Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, emphasizing Nyoro’s rising popularity.

“We want to ensure that the President faces no difficulties, especially in the Mt. Kenya region. The best strategy would be to select the most popular running mate, ideally through a democratic nomination process,” Nyutu commented.

“To secure an election victory, it’s essential to have a strong running mate. The President should avoid choosing an unpopular candidate. From what we see on the ground and the people we talk to, Gachagua might face challenges, and Nyoro seems to be the preferred choice. Nyoro’s interpersonal skills are impressive, and after all, effective leadership is all about connecting with people,” Nyutu added during his interview on Citizen TV.

Several Murang’a leaders, including Nyutu, had earlier showed their support for Nyoro as the Deputy Presidential candidate for the 2027 elections on Sunday.

Gatanga MP Edward Muriu stressed the need to recognize Murang’a’s contribution to leadership, advocating for a young leader like Ndindi Nyoro. “The women in Murang’a also produce leaders. Ndindi Nyoro has the qualifications to assist Ruto and become a leader,” Muriu remarked.

This support for Nyoro is widely shared among various leaders, who see him as a strong candidate for the deputy position. In response to the endorsements for Nyoro,

Deputy President Gachagua affirmed that he remains focused on his current responsibilities, urging politicians to stop all this 2032 talk. “My commitment is towards assisting the President in the economic advancement of the country. The talk of succession is premature, considering we have a lot of time left in this term,” Gachagua said.

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