CS Kindiki: Prosecution of Paul Mackenzie Just First Step of Long Journey

January 19, 2024

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has vowed to ensure that everyone responsible for the Shakahola massacre is held accountable for their crimes.

On Thursday, the CS commended the commencement of the prosecution of Paul Mackenzie and 30 other co-accused followers of his cultic Good News Church, describing it as the first step in a long journey towards accountability and justice.

“The prosecution of Paul Mackenzie and 95 others with the mass murder of hundreds of our people at the Shakahola Forest is the initial step in the long journey of accountability,” Kindiki said.

The Interior boss added that the law will also hold accountable those who indirectly took part in the massacre.

“Others who by action, inaction, conduct, or misconduct, enabled the success of this most horrendous atrocity ever to happen on our territory in the name of religion, have their date with justice,” Kindiki added.

In a 298-page charge sheet, the DPP accuses Mackenzie and his co-accused of jointly murdering at least 191 children in Shakahola.

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Mackenzie’s co-accused include Smart Mwakalama, the second in command in Mackenzie’s Good News International Church.

The 11 children out of the 191, whose identities have been revealed so far, are Seth Ngala, Evabra Ngala, Sifa Edison, Nathan Mathu, Neema Robert, Joyce Amani, Stacy Hadama, Elna Mpa, Ejah Nyaleso, Sara Peter, and Patience Kahindi.

The court was informed that the children were killed between January 2021 and September 2023 in Shakahola in Malindi sub-county, Kilifi county.

According to the DPP, the 30 people who were arraigned on Wednesday with Mackenzie failed to account for their children since they were arrested more than seven months ago.

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