Ahmednasir Heads To East Africa Court, Arusha Against “Koome’s Corrupt Court”

January 19, 2024

In a significant escalation, Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi is set to file a petition at the East African Court of Justice, challenging the Supreme Court of Kenya.

This move comes in the wake of a directive issued by the Supreme Court’s Registrar L.M Wachira, which barred Ahmednasir and his law firm’s staff from filing cases with the court. The directive was in response to what the Supreme Court termed continuous negative comments from the lawyer.

Ahmednasir communicated his intention to seek legal recourse through a post on his official X handle.

He stated, “I have instructed my lawyers to file a petition in the East African Court of Justice at Arusha to seek legal redress against KOOME’s judicial skulduggery and niggling shenanigans. I will not waste time in going to KOOME’s CORRUPT COURT”

The Supreme Court accuses Ahmednasir of waging a media campaign against it, involving allegations of corruption, incompetence, and bribery against its judges.

In its letter, the Supreme Court criticized Ahmednasir’s approach, suggesting that it showed little regard for the reputations of the Court’s judges, who serve in accordance with their Oath of Office.

The Court particularly mentioned the Republic v Ahmad Abdolfadhi Mohammed and Anor case (SC Petition No. 39 of 2018), where Ahmednasir had been critical of its ruling.

Ahmednasir, however, in a statement on his social media platform, described the ban against him and his law firm as “a badge of honour.”

He noted that this was not the first time in his three-decade-long career that he faced resistance from the courts for his outspoken views, particularly in calling for the removal of certain judges.

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