Milestone Achievement: Mbagathi Hospital Successfully Conducts First Cementless Total Hip Replacement Surgery

December 15, 2023

In Nairobi County, Mbagathi Hospital has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by performing Kenya’s first Cementless Total Hip Replacement surgery. This surgical feat took place on Tuesday in the recently unveiled state-of-the-art theater at the facility.

The health facility announced this breakthrough on Wednesday, commending the new leadership for spearheading transformative initiatives.

“Yesterday, under the leadership of Dr. Athumani, an accomplished orthopaedic surgeon, the surgical team at Mbagathi County Hospital achieved a groundbreaking milestone – the first-ever Cementless Total Hip Replacement surgery. This remarkable procedure took place in the hospital’s recently modernized theatre, a testament to the transformative initiatives undertaken during the CEO’s tenure at the facility,” Mbagathi Hospital said.

The hospital also acknowledged the efforts of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja in ensuring that all Level Five Hospitals are led by CEOs, as they actively advocate for the donation of medical equipment.

“The idea of our Governor @SakajaJohnson and Super DG @JNjorogeMuchiri introducing CEOs to run level 5 hospitals was the best decision. Hospitals are being run in a more professional way. We are seeing Mbagathi receiving donations day in and day out, which are lobbied by the CEO,” stated Mbagathi.

A Cementless Total Hip Replacement surgery is a medical procedure in orthopedic surgery where the damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial ceramic implant without the use of bone cement.

In a traditional hip replacement, bone cement is often used to attach artificial components to the patient’s existing bone.

However, in a cementless procedure, the artificial components are designed with a porous surface that allows the patient’s bone to grow into the implant, providing stability.

The ceramic surface is exceptionally smooth, experiences less wear compared to metal surfaces, and is resistant to scratches.

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