Kenya to Deploy 1,500 Agricultural Workers to Israel, Guaranteed Monthly Income Set at Ksh.230K

December 8, 2023

The Kenyan government plans to dispatch approximately 1,500 farm workers to Israel on a three-year contract despite the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Labour, led by Principal Secretary Shadrack Mwadime, announced the agreement between the two countries, facilitating the export of Kenyan labor primarily as casual workers to engage in agricultural activities in Israel.

According to Mwadime, the agreement guarantees a fixed monthly net income of Ksh.230,000 ($1,500) for the entire 3-year period.

The agreement followed bilateral discussions between PS Mwadime and an Israel representative, the MD of Guri Avocados Rami Cohen, and Kenya Chamber of Commerce President Dr Eric Ruto.

The PS stated that the Kenya National Employment Authority would coordinate the initiative.

“These opportunities number about 1,500 with a guaranteed net income of 1,500 USD per month, on 3 years renewable contracts. The program will be implemented by a number of local licensed agencies,” Mwadime said.

The job opportunities follow reports that Israel needs 30-40,000 farm workers.

International media reports indicate that over 10,000 migrant farm workers, predominantly Thai nationals, have left Israel. 32 Thai nationals have reportedly lost their lives as a result of the ongoing war with Hamas.

Israel has additionally prohibited Palestinian workers, who constituted almost 20% of the agricultural labor force before the conflict.

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