Karen Nyamu: Some Men are Meant to be Shared

December 4, 2023

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has voiced her support for polygamy, claiming that certain men should be shared between women.

During a discussion with bloggers, Nyamu opined that not all men should be confined to a monogamous relationship.

“Why monopolise a good man all to yourself? Some men are meant to be shared and that is why I strongly support polygamy,” she said.

Regarding her relationship with Mugithi artiste Samidoh, Karen admitted that their journey has been marked by challenges, including instances of unfollowing each other online.

“We’ve unfollowed each other multiple times, but that doesn’t hold significant weight for us,” she said.

The pair, blessed with two children, has faced significant public scrutiny, particularly following Samidoh’s wife relocating with their three children to the United States.

Karen Nyamu recently played a prominent role in rallying Members of Parliament to contribute funds for Samidoh during the inauguration of his foundation at Parklands Sports Club. In her address, she highlighted Samidoh’s dedication to charitable causes and stressed that the raised funds would be utilized for benevolent purposes.

“I am a witness of the passion he has for giving and normally he does not even shout. I am surprised he has videos of him giving. He is a giver and he can give and be left without anything. Your contribution will go to a good course. We invited many in our senate and some of them have sent me, the speaker has sent me and others.” Said Nyamu.

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