Kakamega County To Seek Compensation For Demolished Houses

December 1, 2023

Kakamega County will join the Law Society of Kenya as an interested party in seeking legal action for compensation of Families whose houses have been demolished at the Milimani Estate.

Governor Fernandes Barasa condemned the demolition noting that the county government was not consulted or informed despite the area falling under the Kakamega Municipality.

Speaking after visiting the demolition site, Governor Barasa said the demolition was done in an inhumane manner leaving families homeless, with property destroyed and others looted.

“There is a lot that is going on here that is against the constitution and we must respect that. The Constitution provides for a lot of interdependence and distinction; we are distinct, we don’t belong to the national government as far as Kakamega county is concerned,” he added.

A daughter-in-law to the First Mayor of Kakamega, Josphine Magoti urged the county governor to help them in seeking compensation as she decried the demolition claiming billions of money have been lost.

She said that they have lived in the house which was built in 1969 for 25 years with her in-laws having lived there for more than 50 years.

She noted that over 40 people stormed their home on Friday night clad in hoodies and masks, armed with pangas and backed up with heavy police presence forcing them out of their house.

Another affected resident Philip Odongo noted that he has retired after working for the government for 35 years and lived at Milimani estate for the past 30 years where he was allocated land at the county council plot through the provincial plot allocation committee.

He is worried that, although his house has not been demolished, it might be the next on the line after his neighbor’s was brought down a few days ago.

Western Regional Commissioner Irungu Macharia maintained that the leasehold of most of those at Milimani estate expired while some presented documents of ownership that were acquired illegally.

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