Jomo in Discussions with State Regarding Gun License Case

December 20, 2023

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son, Jomo Kenyatta, is in active negotiations with the state to resolve his firearm license case out of court.

Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia, representing Jomo, informed the court that ongoing discussions are taking place to resolve the matter.

Mr Ngatia requested the court to schedule a mention date for January 31 next year, during which they might formally record a consent agreement.

State Counsel Munene Wanjohi affirmed the sentiments expressed by Ngatia, leading to the court extending the existing orders until January 31, when the case will be mentioned.

During the previous court hearing, the Attorney General raised concerns about Jomo’s case, stating that he had not provided any evidence to support the claims of his firearm license being revoked.

The Attorney General endorsed the Firearm Licensing Board’s request to dismiss the matter, arguing it was grounded in speculations.

In court documents, the AG through State Counsel Munene Wanjohi faulted Jomo Kenyatta for not exhausting the remedies available under the Firearms Act before resorting to legal action.

“Courts must not be burdened with matters where the law has provided alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution,” he said.

Wanjohi argued that according to legal principles, a party can only initiate such proceedings and be considered by the courts after exhausting available mechanisms that may have been attempted and proven unsuccessful.

“The prayers sought by Jomo are premature as there is no evidence presented by him to prove the state intends to indiscriminately revoke his firearm license or that we are at the verge of confiscating his firearms,” he said.

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