EACC Sets Up Integrity Clubs In Schools to Inculcate Ethical Values in Kenyan Youth

December 15, 2023

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has set up 1,000 integrity clubs in schools nationwide to foster ethical values among Kenyan youth from an early age.

The Commission has partnered with the Ministry of Education in the initiative. It explained that the decision is based on the acknowledgment that the prevailing adult population in Kenya has widely embraced corruption as a norm and has shown resistance to change.

“EACC is establishing Integrity Clubs in learning institutions- universities, colleges, and schools to inculcate values among young people as one way of responding to the challenge of corruption that is now widespread and internalized as a way of life in the Kenyan society,” Dr Emily Mworia, Deputy Director in charge of Public Education and Awareness at EACC.

“The clubs are platforms for nurturing ethical living among students to make them responsible and patriotic citizens who will not engage in corruption during their teenage and adult livesSo far, EACC and the Ministry of Education have established over 1,000 integrity clubs in schools across the country.”

In addition to instilling ethical values in Kenyan youth, the anti-graft watchdog said that the clubs will also motivate and equip students in schools for active engagement in decision-making, governance, and anti-corruption processes.

Dr. Mworia addressed participants at a workshop for Integrity Club Patrons at Machakos University on Thursday. The workshop involved educators from secondary and primary schools in Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, and Kajiado Counties.

The session aimed to equip teachers serving as Integrity Club Patrons with the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to effectively oversee Integrity Clubs within their respective institutions.

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