You Won’t Believe What Detectives Found Out About Thika Shooting Victim (VIDEO)

November 8, 2023

Detectives have unearthed startling details about a man who was shot by unknown people in Thika Town on Monday, November 6.

A video in our possession shows moments after the man was shot in broad daylight near the Thika Technical Training Institute. The clip shows the man lying on the ground as local roadside traders scream and scamper for safety.

Upon receiving the public’s distress call, police rushed to the scene and found the badly injured man whom they escorted to a hospital, just in time to have doctors manage his profuse bleeding.

Despite efforts by both medical personnel and the police to ascertain the patient’s identity, their attempts proved futile as no identifying documents were found on him.

Despite being able to speak, the victim was unwilling to disclose his name, as indicated by the police.

In response to his reluctance, the officers initiated a forensic identification process that eventually revealed his name. Subsequently, they traced his place of residence to Gireki Plaza House No. 10, situated within the Kiganjo area of Makongeni.

Here, the detectives recovered a Ceska pistol which was robbed from a civilian firearm holder in Kahawa Sukari on January 28, 2023.

“A search therein saw the recovery of the Ceska pistol loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition which was hidden under the carpet alongside a roll of bhang,” a police report read in part.

“Initial investigations have so far identified the firearm as the one robbed from a civilian firearm holder in Kahawa Sukari on January when two armed men riding on an unmarked motorcycle accosted him at a construction site. His mobile phone and cash were also stolen,” police added.

On the same day, the two suspects, who went on a series of robberies, also targeted three individuals at Landless Section 2. The trio was visiting the site of a recently purchased parcel of land when they were confronted by the suspects.

The assailants proceeded to rob them at gunpoint, taking away their mobile phones and money.

According to detectives, the ongoing investigations suggest that the wounded suspect might be acquainted with his assailants. It is alleged that there was a previous altercation between them, and the shots were fired in the course of this dispute.

His assailants were reportedly driving a Toyota Probox which sped off from the scene.

“Now being treated as a suspect of violent robberies, the patient remains under police guard pending his recuperation, formal arrest and arraignment. Pursuit for his shooters is also ongoing,” said the DCI.

Here’s a video of the shooting incident.

Video courtesy: @djeduhmaks/Twitter

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