Quickmart Heist: PHOTOS of Wells Fargo Staff Involved in Ksh.94.9M Theft

November 7, 2023

Two employees from Wells Fargo are currently at large after reportedly stealing Ksh.94,918,750 that had been collected from Quickmart supermarkets.

Daniel Mungai and Anthony Nduiki had been tasked with transporting the funds to Family Bank Kenyatta Avenue on behalf of Quickmart Kenya. However, in the early hours of Monday morning, they left without a police escort as required.

According to a police report on Monday, the company’s driver, Anthony Ndiuki, and crew commander Daniel Mungai departed from the company’s South C offices at approximately 8:30 a.m.

They sneaked the truck out of the company’s Nairobi offices shortly after the money box was loaded, leaving behind the police escort car that was waiting to be flagged off.

They reportedly dumped the vehicle, an Isuzu with registration number KBA 517 T, at Dafarm in South C, Langata. The cash, collected from the weekend sales, was missing from the vehicle.

The incident was reported by George Jaramba, the Investigation Manager at Wells Fargo Nairobi. Jaramba stated that the suspects had retrieved the money from the Wells Fargo vault following their routine.

Officers who were supposed to escort them raised the alarm when they did not see the vehicle.

“Later, the Administration Police Officers waited but did not see them, and it is then that they raised alarm,” the police report indicated.

Monica Kimani, the Lang’ata Sub-County Police Commander, confirmed the incident, stating that they received the report at approximately 10 a.m. on Monday.

“We are actively pursuing the case. However, we have not yet verified the accuracy of the reported figure…but that is the information we received from the person who reported it,” remarked Kimani.

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