Nairobi County Liquor Department Completes Draft Policy on Nightclub Zoning

November 7, 2023

A draft policy on zoning nightclubs across the city has been completed by the Nairobi County Liquor Department.

Ms. Maureen Njeri, the County Executive in charge of Business and Hustler Opportunities, addressed a meeting that gathered staff from Liquor Licensing, Urban Planning, Environment, Policy, and Research, highlighting that the policy sets out the guiding principles for nightclub zoning.

These principles include the designated use of land, space availability, traffic management provisions, and noise management installations, buffer zones between nightclubs, and key institutions, among other considerations.

“The zoning policy is aimed at ensuring order is restored in the liquor industry. This comes against the backdrop of increased public complaints about noise pollution from nightclubs in residential areas. In a move that is geared towards bringing back Night life into the Central Business District, the County is considering giving incentives to business people interested in operating within the CBD.” Said Njeri.

The Business and Hustler Opportunities Sector has pledged to accelerate the development of this policy to align with Governor Johnson Sakaja’s vision of establishing a city characterized by order, dignity, hope, and opportunities for all.

The meeting included key figures such as Zipporah Mwangi, Chief Officer of Business and Hustler Opportunity; Rhoda Otieno, Director of Liquor; Judy Gitau, Assistant Director of Planning; and Christine Kivuva, Assistant Director of EMCE.

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