Mustafa Explains Reasons for Shop Closure Despite Receiving Donations Exceeding Sh600K

November 2, 2023

Colonel Mustafa has explained the continued closure of his clothing and sneakers shop, despite receiving financial contributions from well-wishers aimed at supporting his business.

Mustafa’s shop, situated in Chokaa, Embakasi, garnered widespread attention when fans observed it was non-operational, contrary to the rapper’s plea for financial aid to launch the business in May 2023.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Mustafa dispelled any rumors of permanent closure. He attributed the temporary closures and irregular operating hours to various factors, with a notable one being his mother’s health.

Mustafa said he has been actively caring for her, especially as they awaited her radiotherapy and PET scan.

“Shop kweli imekuwa ikifungwa lakini si ati tumefunga shop mambo yamekuwa mengi sana. Bado nilikuwa nashughulika na mama tulikuwa tunangoja baada hio radio therapy tufanye pediscan. Hicho ndicho kitu kimekuwa kikinifanya nisipatikane sana kazini pale kwenye shop,” he said.

(The shop has indeed been closing, but it doesn’t mean we’ve permanently shut it down; there have been many challenges. I’ve still been dealing with my mother, and we were waiting for her radiotherapy before undergoing a PET scan. That’s been the primary reason for my limited presence at work in the shop)

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In addition to tending to his mother, Mustafa cited his ongoing music commitments and shows he had to attend. He acknowledged the challenge of not yet finding someone capable of managing the shop during his absence, expressing the importance of ensuring its smooth operation even when he couldn’t be physically present.

“Apart from that mambo ya music na pia nimekuwa na shows nyingi nafanya na sijapata mtu mwenye naweza mueka pale mwenye naamini kabisa anaezaniendeleshea kazi mpka mimi mwenyewe nirudi,” he said.

(Apart from that, I’ve been heavily involved in music and numerous shows. I haven’t found someone I trust to manage the shop in a way that I believe can sustain its operations until I can personally return).

The rapper at the same time shared a positive update on his mother’s health, mentioning that her recovery was progressing well. He noted her active participation in exercises to regain physical strength, indicating a positive trajectory.

In his role as her caregiver, Mustafa underwent training on how to provide support and care for a cancer patient. He expressed gratitude for her encouraging progress.

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