Eddie Butita Chronicles how Churchill Set him up for Greatness

November 1, 2023

Eddie Butita has given Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki his flowers as the veteran comedian turned a year older this week.

Churchill, revered as a pioneer in Kenya’s television comedy scene, marked his 46th birthday on Monday, October 30. Eddie, whose comedy journey began under Churchill’s tutelage, took this momentous occasion to honor the household name with heartfelt appreciation.

In doing so, the comedy writer/content creator chronicled his rise to greatness under the guidance and support of the Churchill Show presenter.

Eddie began by acknowledging the remarkable trust Churchill placed in him, entrusting him with the position of Head of Digital at the Laugh Industry when he was just 21 years old.

Butita also mentioned that Churchill gave him his first shot at comedy at just 18 years of age.

By the age of 23, Eddie had ascended to the role of Creative Director at the production and events company, founded by Churchill.

“Happy Birthday @mwalimchurchill my destiny helper the first person to employ me as Head of Digital Laugh Industry at 21years old first comedy opportunity at 18 years old, Creative director at 23years,” Butita wrote.

The following year, Butita said Churchill fronted him a loan to organize an event, noting that this was the beginning of his greatness.

“….gave me the First Loan to organise an event at 24 na nikalipa by the way😂 and that was the was the beginning of Greatness. You deserve a chapter in my book, as you grow older I learn one important lesson from you. No one is perfect but there is one perfect thing about humanity and that is understanding that we were born for others,” the comedian reflected.

Butita went on to highlight Churchill’s impact not only on him but also on his associates.

“I have over 30 people working with me directly and indirectly, those are the lives you have impacted indirectly when you gave me a chance. Greatness siku zote, happy birthday tajiri ningekutumia pesa lakini kitu ya muhimu nikuambia Mungu akulinde,” Butita concluded.

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