What bet wins most money? Today you will find out the answer!

October 12, 2023

Millions of people worldwide place bets on the 1xBet platform monthly.

They’re driven by the desire to support their favorite team, get bright emotions, and earn. What bet wins the most money?

This question worries both beginners and experienced players.

Today, we recommend you look closer at accumulators. Let’s find out what it is and why such bets are profitable.

In accumulators, you can predict several events, choosing one sport or more.

Bet on three football game outcomes at the same time, or select your favorite club’s victory, the number of sets in a tennis match, and the round the boxer will knock out his opponent. 1xBet allows you to include from 2 to 24 predictions, so many players take advantage and make quick money.

Why are accumulators, also called combination bets, so attractive? It’s all about the multiplying odds.

If a player bets $10 on events with 1.5 and 2 odds, the winning amount will be $10 x (1.5 x 2) = $30 in case of victory.

If you don’t guess at least one event, the bet failed. For example, in the 2022 FIFA World Cup semi-finals, Argentina defeated Croatia, while France beat Morocco. Players who made an accumulator of two matches and guessed both results received increased winnings.

But if the Croats or Moroccans had won, the accumulator would have lost regardless of the second game outcome.

Who can benefit from combination bets? This format is loved by experienced players and sports statistics fans, who can predict the results with a high probability.

In the 1xBet line, you will find bets on more than 60 sports, which opens up great opportunities for beginners – sometimes intuition helps to win where the best analysts make mistakes.

Bet on the national football championship or any other sport you know and earn with your knowledge.

Thanks to high odds, you can win big money while betting a small amount.

You may be wondering how large the winnings can be.

Recently, the 1xBet player from Guinea won over 570 thousand dollars by betting only $58! 17 correctly guessed bets on total goals in football matches dramatically increased the betting odds – in the end, they rose to 9877.935.

Another bettor from Senegal bet $84 and received $400,000 from the bookmaker as he accurately predicted events in 22 matches!

Accumulator fans can get additional prizes with the 1xBet Accumulator Battle promo, where top gadgets and other valuables are awarded monthly.

To participate, just place combination bets. It’s not necessary to predict 17 or 22 events – 2-3 guessed results are enough to win.

Now you know that the 1xBet accumulators answer the question of what bet wins the most money.

You don’t need a long victory history or special knowledge to succeed. Start with simple bets on 2-3 events and, after gaining experience, move on to more complex ones. 

Thus, register on 1xBet, get a welcome bonus of up to 20 000 KES , and  create your own success story!
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