The Day Sean Andrew Cried After Being Rejected For Being Too Cute

October 11, 2023

Sean Andrew says he has ever been rejected by a modelling agency for being too cute.

In a YouTube interview, the famous grandson of the late former President Mwai Kibaki shared his experience of being selected by an advertising agency to participate in an advertisement, only for the opportunity to be abruptly canceled at the last minute.

Sean Andrew recollected successfully passing auditions for the advertisement. However, a day before the scheduled shoot, he received a call notifying him that he had been dropped from the project because he was deemed “too cute.”

We did the final audition and I was in. And then the day before the shoot I was like, ‘OK I have this money coming in. I have made it, you are already spending it in your head’. The day before the shoot I was called and now the agent was very hesitant like ‘I don’t know what to tell you but the feedback I have gotten is that you are too cute for the advert’,” Sean recounted on the ‘Flo & Frens’ YouTube channel.

He went on: “I was like ‘I am too cute? What does that mean I am too cute?’ Then they are like ‘yeah they wanted someone who looks a bit more mature, you are just too cute you look a bit childish nini nini’.”

The influencer said he was so upset that he shed tears. He even felt some bitterness towards his friends who got the gig after he was dropped.

“I was like damn ok what do I do about that? I  just remember being so upset I threw my phone into a bush and I just ended up crying and then I got drunk.

I just saw these guys, some of them were my friends they don’t know that they replaced me. But I was a bit salty, I didn’t talk to them for like…

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