Stop Clout-chasing with People’s Death, Huddah Says

October 6, 2023

Huddah Monroe has voiced her dissatisfaction with those who use the deaths of others to garner attention on social media.

Through her Insta stories, the popular social media personality called on individuals to demonstrate respect for both the deceased and the elderly.

“It’s the fake love for me when someone dies. I hope I’m in Pluto by the time mine comes. Death is the only thing we all have in common! Some early, some late. But it’s the end for us all eventually!” Huddah wrote.

She challenged individuals to introspect on their behavior and contemplate the inevitability of their own mortality.

“Some people mock the dead and the elderly as if they’ll stay young forever and never die! It’s a right of passage for us all! Humble yourselves… it’s turn by turn,” she added.

Huddah Monroe also cautioned against clout-chasing, advising against insincerely mourning the loss of individuals one never knew personally.

“If you didn’t know someone in person or ever met them. Just saw them online. Please, save your RIP for your friends. Stop clout-chasing with people’s death. Thank you, next,” she concluded.

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