Kamene on Kiss FM Exit: “I wasn’t loving what I was doing anymore”

October 6, 2023

Former Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro maintains that she was not fired by Kiss but rather left on her own accord after the end of her contract.

In fact, Kamene says she was offered a contract extension but she turned it down. On the reasons why she quit the lucrative radio job, Kamene cited health concerns.

She explained that her decision to leave was primarily driven by her deteriorating health and a waning interest in her job.

I wasn’t loving what I was doing anymore, and for me, I’m set in my ways, I do everything that I do from passion and love, and the moment that purpose is not met I start to hate it,” she said, adding: “I was in a position where I dislike something that I used to love.”

Kamene also mentioned that, due to exhaustion, she wanted to leave before the expiration of her contract but was persuaded to stay by others.

According to her, the situation became so severe that every morning, her husband Dj Bonez would accompany her to the morning show, and she would cry on the way there because she felt overwhelmed.

After the show, it would take her approximately 12 minutes to leave, and she would fall asleep in the car to alleviate her feelings of distress.

“My contract was due 28/29 of January and the previous year in December, Sinclair( Radio Africa Group Program controller)called me to talk about my contract renewal and I said that I didn’t intend on renewing my contract. I told him that I am not enjoying the job that I am doing anymore, it’s starting to weigh down on my health,” explained Kamene.

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