Motorists Beware: Criminal Gang Targeting Bank Customers in Nairobi [PHOTOS]

October 17, 2023

The DCI has initiated an investigation into a notorious criminal gang wreaking havoc among bank customers in Nairobi and its surrounding areas, transforming routine banking activities into a nightmare for unsuspecting victims.

The modus operandi of this four-member gang involves a member, disguised as a regular customer, surveilling and identifying potential targets within banking halls, particularly those conducting large cash withdrawals. The man then discreetly signals his accomplices, who are strategically positioned in the parking area.

Using a vehicle with fake number plates, the gang trails their selected targets to a secluded location before executing their theft, often resorting to violence.

Recent CCTV footage captured images of the perpetrators during an incident on October 7, where a client at Parklands fell victim to their criminal activities as he exited DTB Bank at Diamond Plaza.

Unaware of the impending danger, the victim left Sh1.5 million in his Mazda CX5 vehicle at the parking lot. He briefly stepped into a nearby shop, only to return and discover the gang, operating from a Nissan Note with counterfeit registration plates, had broken into his car and made away with the cash.

The traumatized victim reported the incident to DCI Parklands, prompting an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any information that could aid in dismantling this dangerous gang.

“Should you have any information that might help in taking down this dangerous gang whose sheer greed for quick riches has no regard for others’ toil and sweat, kindly #FichuakwaDCI by calling our toll-free hotline 0800 722 203,” urged the DCI.

Meanwhile, DCI Detectives based at Langata are pursuing leads in an incident where a member of the public fell victim to car breakers in Nairobi West, losing cash and valuables totaling hundreds of thousands.

After withdrawing cash from the bank, the victim left a school bag, a laptop, and a mobile phone inside the locked vehicle, only to return from a supermarket and find everything missing.

Below is a video of the car break-in,


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