TV47 Ranked Among Top TV Stations in Kenya

September 14, 2023

A new poll ranking the popularity of TV stations in Kenya has been released.

The survey offers little surprise at the top, with Citizen TV continuing to hold onto its top position. According to Geopoll, Citizen recorded a cumulative audience of 22.9 million in just the first week of September.

As expected, NTV and KTN are second and third, with a cumulative audience of 10.7 million and 9.3 million respectively.

Bulldozing its way into the top tier of TV stations in Kenya is a recent entrant, TV47.

The station owned by Cape Media Ltd recorded 6.9 million cumulative audience in the same time period, coming in at position 6.

From the poll, TV47 has overtaken mainstays in Kenya’s media landscape, like K24 and KBC.

The national broadcaster recorded 6.4 million viewers, with K24 recording 6.6 million. They are ranked position 9 and 8 respectively.

By having a larger viewership than both of them, TV47, which was founded in 2019, has demonstrated that it is a serious player, which can perhaps shake up an industry hierarchy that has long been considered ‘settled’.

Speaking on the report, Cape Media Operations Director Wilson Mbugua stated, “On behalf of Cape Media Management and the Board, I take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Cape Media fraternity for your unwavering collective contribution to ensure that we firmly position ourselves in the Kenyan meida space. Congratulations for making TV47 top be amongst Kenya’s top TV stations.”

Mr. Mbugua led staff in an office celebration with cake and champagne.

Cape Media has been making big hires in recent months, for both its radio and TV offerings. The most recent high profile hire by the TV station came in the form of Willis Raburu, who announced last month that he had joined.

This latest poll demonstrating what can only be described as a meteoric rise will certainly give shivers to established competitors.

The survey was carried out between 3rd and 9th September, 2023.

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