Ruto Announces Party Elections To Make UDA “greatest party in the country”

September 11, 2023

President William Ruto has declared that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) will conduct its party elections in December this year, in preparation for the 2027 General Election.

Speaking during the inauguration of a UDA regional office in Nyeri on Saturday, the president said the elections would commence from the grassroots level, aiming to introduce officials who would invigorate the party.

While assuring UDA members of a commitment to conducting free, fair, and transparent elections, Dr. Ruto said the polls will entrench democracy and eradicate tribal ethnicity in the party.

“This is the party that runs the government and that is why I’m announcing here in Nyeri to all members across the country that the elections will be held in December. We will announce the timetable for the elections. We want to eradicate tribalism and ethnicity from the party and make this a national party that reflects leaders from all tribes in Kenya. We want to unite the country,” Ruto said.

“The owners of the party must decide on who will lead them. We will take the elections at the polling stations at the grassroots because our aim is to ensure that the party is an institution of governance,” he added.

Ruto encouraged UDA party members to hit the ground running in search of support from fellow members.

“If you want a leadership position in UDA, start preparing by convincing members to elect you. Any leader aspiring to hold any party position must start socialising with the members since no one will be given the seat on a silver platter,” he said.

UDA’s Secretary-General, Cleophas Malala, said the exercise aims to establish UDA as the largest political party in Kenya, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the President’s successful re-election in 2027.

“We want to build this party to be the greatest party in the country so that by 2027, we will just place the portrait of the President on the ballot and have him re-elected. I am appealing to you to register as a member of UDA so that you can participate in this democratic process,” said Malala.

The UDA Sec-Gen also ruled out the likelihood of entering into a pre-election coalition agreement with other parties for the 2027 elections.

Malala said that, out of the 14 political parties that had initially entered into a pact with UDA, seven have already disbanded to join the ruling party. He encouraged the remaining parties to do the same.

“We want one big united party in Kenya and that is why we urge other parties to fold and join us,” Malala said.

Edward Muriu, the UDA Secretary for Legal Affairs and Gatanga MP,  said elected leaders are welcome to participate in the elections. He clarified that Members of Parliament (MPs) will retain their membership in the National Delegates Council (NDC) by default.

 “Additionally, all seats at the National Executive Council are up for grabs and to be elected, all the 3,600 delegates must vote to elect them,” Muriu said.

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