Police Clearance Certificate Processing at DCI Headquarters Fully Restored After System Upgrade

September 8, 2023

In a significant development, the processing of Police Clearance Certificates, commonly referred to as Certificates of Good Conduct, at the headquarters of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has been fully restored. This restoration comes following a period of disruption due to a system upgrade.

Director of Criminal Investigations, Mohamed Amid, revealed that the Principal Criminal Registrar’s (PCR) office has taken practical steps to address the backlog that emerged during the temporary system glitches. These challenges had compelled the unit to resort to manual processing, particularly for urgent cases.

Amid acknowledged the delays experienced during this period, expressing regret for any inconvenience caused. He reassured clients of improved and expedited services moving forward.

One significant change is that applicants are no longer required to book fingerprinting dates through the e-citizen portal. Instead, they can choose their preferred fingerprinting centers based on convenience.

To prevent issues like returned applications, it is emphasized that applicants ensure that their ID card copies, attached to the completed application forms, are of high quality and that thumbprint impressions are clearly visible.

The PCR office issued a statement affirming the DCI’s commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities with dedication, care, and integrity.

The interruption in the production of these certificates had persisted for several months, affecting the plans of numerous applicants. Some individuals reported waiting for their certificates for up to seven months.

Efforts are now underway to expedite the processing of pending applications, mirroring challenges faced by the Department of Immigration in production processes.

Police Clearance Certificates hold considerable importance for individuals seeking employment opportunities and international travel.

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