Nonini Issues Apology to Kenyans for Supporting Ruto Government

September 20, 2023

Rapper Nonini on Monday issued an apology to the Kenyan public for his previous vocal support of President William Ruto’s administration, acknowledging that the country is currently headed in the wrong direction.

In a social media post, the US-based rapper and businessman said that certain leaders have let down the nation. Nonini admitted that he was wrong for openly endorsing them a year ago.

“Looking back at how our country is going a year down the line with this government, I want to share my APOLOGY loudly to KENYANs for supporting this government and some leaders you know I did,” he wrote.

Nonini demonstrated his strength by acknowledging his past support for certain politicians and openly admitting that he now sees the flaws in Kenya’s current direction.

Despite the potential for criticism in the comments, Nonini stood firm in his belief that some of the nation’s leaders have let down the Kenyan people and offered his heartfelt sympathy to his fellow Kenyans.

“It takes a strong person to admit they were wrong and niko ready for any matusi hapo kwa comments but at least Niko bold enough Ku admit mambo Kenya sio poa and some of our leaders have failed us Terribly. Poleni Sana WaKenya wenzangu,” he added,

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