Madness and chaos witnessed as thousands attend Kenyan farming event with millions of shillings thrown into the air

September 20, 2023

Kenyans in Taita Taveta county poured in their thousands after a farming scheme came to town, promising farmers to financially replenish them if their soil organic matter proved fertile.

One by one, the farmers, who included men and women, thronged the Ronge Juu area, bringing along soil samples as the cash incentive drove the entire town crazy, seeing thousands of people crashing the venue, as the organizers fought to control the burgeoning crowds.

Driven by the promise of cash, the locals, who have all along been battered by unemployment and despondency, showed up in large numbers carrying with them small tins fully-stuffed with organic soil ready to trade it.

Dubbed VSOC (voluntary soil organic credit), the program is said to reward farmers who can bring nutrients-rich soil and is looking to encompass the country.

Across the entire Ronge Juu area, the GPC company witnessed a total mess as people scrammed around, pushed around and jostled around as they attempted to submit their soil samples in a wild scene captured in viral videos and photos.

For over seven hours, thousands of Kenyans across Taiva Taveta caused a total mayhem as they queued to be financially rewarded with the GPC company witnessing unprecedented scenes.

While carrying with them branded plastic tins filled with enriched soil, the farmers received thousands in cash for every tin brought from their farms as many fought to be seen and heard.

Taiva Taveta, infamous for the highest teen pregnancies in Kenya, and a staggering level of unemployment, yesterday became a hub of activities as the GPC company stormed the area and massively shook up the region.

While speaking at the event, which was ettended by all of the top Kenyan media stations, Margaret Ayub, a farmer, expressed her excitement at the prospect, saying that she had been overwhelmed by the gesture.

“I’m totally surprised by the good gesture the GPC people have done! This is beyond what I could ever think of! My friend told me to bring along soil rich in carbon and that I would be paid for it. I thought she was joking. Upon arrival here, I was totally shocked to actually meet everything I expected! I’m rich now!” she said, ecstatically.

According to Hilda Birech, the GPC company head of operations, the initiative is going to cover even more areas and pull in even more thousands of farmers across the country.

“This is just the beginning,” she said. “We are moving across the country in a move never been seen before. Our mission is to revolutionize farming in Kenya and we are starting with not just enriching our poor soil but also paying farmers for it.”

The move, which is also said to have attracted governors and area MPs, is quickly shaking up farming across Kenya, pulling in thousands of farmers and massively changing the farming landscape.

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